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Need to Know

  • Do I need to warm up before swimming?
    Before you begin your regimen of swimming, you must perform a warm up. Begin with some easy squats on land followed by some easy swimming to loosen up slowly. To do this, do a couple of easy strokes in the water before starting your routine for real.
  • Which stroke should I work on first?
    Starting with a freestyle would be the right choice, which is done with the arms and legs in a streamlined position. Then try swimming breaststroke, which helps develop ankle flexibility, and backstroke, which uses the body's core muscles. Butterfly is the hardest stroke to learn. It's also the fastest, but it offers no resistance when using your arms - so you should get really good at forward strokes before trying to master this one!
  • How can I practice breathing techniques?
    To practice breathing in the water, grab a kickboard and hold it in front of you. Next, get into the starting position to either side by standing straight as you hold onto the edge of the pool while your arms are stretched out in front of you and your legs slightly apart. Kick gently so that you create only small bubbles on the surface.
  • Do you offer a trial membership?
    Yes, we do have 3 days trail membership where you can experience workout sessions done during that time
  • How often should i rest?
    That depends on the plan which you choose, as some plans have intense workout sessions which requires regular break.
  • What are the plans available ?
    We have plans for individual workout session, group package which includes gym, badminton and swimming pool all three included for overall development of body and mind.
  • Do I get to play every day?
    Yes, depending upon your time availability you can use our service regularly and gain loyalty points.
  • Do you plan to add more sports in the future?
    Yes, we are planning to add other sports in the coming weeks, and we'll keep you updated so you can stay in the loop.
  • What are the packages available?
    We have different packages available depending on the kind of sport, which one selects do visit our pricing page to know more
  • Which is the right outfit to be worn during exercies ?
    We recommend wearing comfortable clothing of any type to the club; jogger pants and a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or tank top all works.
  • What are loyalty points ?
    loyalty points (or “cashback”) that are provided to you as a token of our appreciation for your patronage. You can redeem these on your next order and get awesome discounts.
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